Terms and Conditions for Voucher

1.              Vouchers will be given to first qualified 20 respondent, after we have confirmed the registration.

3.              The voucher will only be given to the following job titles:

i.                IT Manager and above, Cloud architect, Data Science/Analytics Manager and above

4.              The voucher is only applicable to participants from Singapore. The value of the vouchers is as follows:

                                  i.         Singapore SGD 10

5.              The voucher is not applicable for students.

6.              To qualify for the voucher, you must use a business email address (Gmail, yahoo will not qualify).

7.              Only one voucher per person will be awarded (people using multiple email addresses to claim multiple vouchers will be disqualified and their vouchers cancelled).

8.              This email is by invitation only; recipients/respondents cannot share this email for other employees to obtain vouchers.